• 24.05.2018



Under the patronage of Mr. Valcho Cholakov District Governor of Bourgas District


Event:Special edition of the National Round Table "The Sea - Border or Door"

Topic: "The Modern Dialogue for the Black Sea Region - Neighborhood, Cooperation and Partnership Area"

Venue:Flora Exposition Center, Hall №1, Bourgas

Schedule: 29 May 2018, 14.00 - 


To discuss the issues of cooperation in the Black Sea region - one of the important and promising European Marine Regions. The forthcoming dialogue to build an Agenda for the development of the Black Sea region and the preparation of a National Integrated Maritime Strategy requires publicity of the discussions and the participation of the people in the formulation of the priorities and the implementation measures. Conducting this debate on the European Maritime Day is intended to give due weight to the priorities of the European Integrated Maritime Policy, to outline the prospects and challenges of achieving blue growth and to involve as many stakeholders as possible.


Representatives of European and National institutions, regional and local authorities, universities, educational structures, cultural institutes, non-governmental organizations, citizens


Valcho Cholakov, District Governor, Bourgas District

Ruska Boyadjieva - Deputy Mayor of Burgas Municipality

Marusya Lyubcheva, Member of the European Parliament, mandate 2007-2009, 2013 - 2014



I. Discussion

• The Modern Dialogue for the Black Sea Region - Neighborhood, Cooperation and Partnership Area

Svetoslav Stoyanov

European Commission, DG Maritime Affairs

• Black Sea Cultural Corridors

/ Civilizations in Coastal Regions, Black Sea Lighthouses  /

Tanya Hristova, Member of the Committee of the Regions

• Regional and economic cooperation in the Black Sea region

/ Urbanization of coastal areas, Tourism, Trade corridors /

Ministry of Regional Development

• Challenges in the Black Sea region / political, social, economic, environmental /

Lubomir Kyuchukov, European Institute for Regional Research


II. Exhibition of a student competition for drawing "Black Sea Horizons"

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